What is Trandumper?

TranDumper is a FREEWARE html program to help you read the braindumps that you find. This program converts braindumps (and other .txt's) into offline tests. Any modification or derived works made from TranDumper (program code and any .txt files using TranDumper format) must be released as freeware, and this version must be included at history of TranDumper.


Version 1.0   - Initially developed by Peter Pan.
Version 1.1   - JT has made some restyling.
Version 2.0   - Delphi has it fully revised to support Internet Explorer 5.5 and greater, and has introduced sequencial question sets.
Version 2.01 - Delphi has made little modifications for better performance.

Because I re-programmed from TranDumper V2.01, any versions after version 2.01, are not mentioned here. But every modification of this Gejos TranDumper must include the history of this program including all releases I made.

Gejos TranDumper V8.01 is a freeware html program to help you read the braindumps that you find. This program converts braindumps (and other .txt's) into offline tests, grading them as well.

For examples of how to use TrandumperV8.0, you can see the sample directory. You can read braindumps with little or no modifications to the dumps. See sample_plain.txt for a plain dump file, or see sample_enhanced.txt that explains the use of enhanced features.

You should only have to make minor formatting changes to your dumps to be sure that Trandumper will read them properly. You'll simply save the dump web page as plain text and then check your dump file format.

Before you start Gejos Trandumper, something you should know:

  1. Be sure that You have Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater installed.
    Trandumper cannot run on Internet Explorer 3.x OR 4.x.
  2. JavaScript and VBScript enable is needed.
  3. Because it must open/write local files, the security setting in your browser must be set to medium or below, and CANNOT run over the network, also on read-only media - ie. CDROM, protected/read-only folder, etc.
  4. Internet Explorer may ask to confirm that you trust the ActiveX control, or to confirm you want to allow ActiveX to interact with ''other parts of the page''. You should confirm by clicking ''Yes'' to proceed.

By downloading this Gejos TranDumper, you are agree to use Gejos TranDumper for education purpose only (for commercial use, please contact me). You also agree that the contents of any .txt's (dump/exam files) are solely your responsibility, and copyright laws relating to the contents of any .txt's (dump/exam files) used with Gejos TranDumper are solely your responsibility.


Gejos Trandumper

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