How people get to know about your website.
We are talking about how to sell a book, not talking about writing a book and cover design.

Very simple, just tell them the address of your website. By mail, phone, or what? One by one? Hmm... hmm...

First, register your own name as your domain name, or use something people will remember easily. This is important. Most visitors remember websites by a "simple" domain name. An example, if I want to visit Bank Central Asia, I would try to type the address www.bca.com and bingo, the address is wrong. Their address is www.klikbca.com

Second, design of your website. Make it look nice, full of colors, pictures and animations.

Third, ...

All of above is not effective actually. Let say the local people might be know about your name, company, etc. but the other people? But, the correct domain name is still important. Confusing.... yes it is. A very-very nice design, full of colors, great animations. Wow... a very nice website with a zero hits of visitor. Why? Because no one knows about your website. But, it is important to build a nice look website.

Okay, build your website with complete of information of you. The information must text base not pictures. Yes you are right, without pictures it is hard to design, but the information must text base. When you promote your website in search engine, they use tool to indexing your website called crawler, robots, spider, etc. They will ignore pictures, scripts, because they are "blind". This tool "sniff" and collect the text for indexing. So build your website with pictures and the information on a nice scripts, animation information, etc. Believe me, zero information for indexing.

The crawler and friends usually indexing information from first page. Many webmaster build the website only with logo or "flash" in the beginning of they website. There is only some text with "Click here to continue", "Select the country", "Please select the language", and so on. Aha, the spider got nothing about your website.

Everybody know that internet access is expensive, specially in my country. Beside, the connection... "turtle speed". By making a complex website, meaning huge graphics, animations, visitors will leave your website soon.

Remember, not all of your visitors use MSIE. So think twice build links to other pages with flash, etc. Many other people use a simple browser. Yes, they will find nothing to go to other pages meaning "lost in first page" (thats why i love html and javascript). Wanna try? Build simple page using flash for menu, and run it with Firefox base version browser. You will click nothing. Install plug-in? Okay... but still spider and his friends got zero link.

Don't think use graphical, flash, animation is ended.... build your website as nice as you like but be smart to design it. And the very-very important is, your website must hit lot of visitors. Media promotion of your website is search engines. Get at least top 50th in search engines database, ready or not... your website will "flood" of hits. Yeah... yeah... yeah... i lied.

Liar... gunawidjaja is so many in the world not just me, how come if i search-in www.yahoo.com for just only one word of gunawidjaja will on the first, the top ten, top 50th? Dreaming.... typing words gunawidjaja joseph maybe in top of hundreds. Ha.. ha.. ha... only one word? Just gunawidjaja? Get out of here Joseph.

Hey, don't open www.yahoo.com, typing gunawidjaja and search it. I lied.
Hmm..., my wife Thanoem laughing at me. Nope, she's crying. Nope, i lied.

Today i retire being a webmaster, so i share this. Fyi, i lied again.

Too hard and Confusing read this article? Relax.... some of my writing styles.

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